Vendor Diversity Program

Vendor Identification and Selection

Corizon Health’s process of engaging small, minority, women and disadvantaged businesses resides within the Provider Operations department, in coordination with Field Operations. These teams begin with the vendor identification process. Potential Diverse Business vendors are identified through referrals from our national partners the Women’s Business Enterprise National Council (WBENC) and National Minority Supplier Development Council (NMSDC). In addition, Corizon Health accepts self-referrals from correctional vendor tradeshows and conferences, including the National Conference for Corrections Health Care (NCCHC) and the American Corrections Association (ACA). Corizon Health also receives vendor information through its website,, where potential Diverse Business vendors are encouraged to provide contact information for inclusion in Corizon Health’s vendor database.

Once identified each vendor is reviewed to ensure that it performs a distinct element of the client’s contract, otherwise known as a commercially useful function. Once this is verified, vendors are then carefully reviewed for the quality of services provided and vetted for business history and procurement qualifications.

Diverse Business vendors are initially contacted to inquire of their desire and capacity to provide the services required by Corizon Health clients. Vendors are also asked to provide detailed information about all services they provide. Corizon Health may also request pricing information for the services they provide. Diverse Business vendors meeting the criteria needed by Corizon Health and our clients, will be added to our Vendor Diversity Tracking Tool.

During the selection process, Corizon Health is careful to rigorously document vendor identification, communication activity and final selection information. This information is maintained on the Vendor Diversity Tracking Tool to enable continuous transparency and improvement of Corizon Health’s Vendor Diversity Program.

The Vendor Diversity Tracking Tool contains Diverse Business contact information and communications between Corizon Health and its Diverse Business vendors. This tracking tool is also used to document the type of certification maintained by each Diverse Business and name of the certifying agencies. The tracking tool is used to coordinate and manage Diverse Business identification and selection during RFPs and throughout client contracts. It is a communication tool between the Corizon Health’s Operations, Provider Operations and Business Development departments.

Vendors are confirmed for Diverse Business certifications and each certification is verified as current and in good standing. In some instances Corizon Health will also confirm any additional registration necessary with the agency overseeing MBE/WBE activities.

If a vendor is not certified as a Diverse Business in the jurisdiction in which Corizon Health is bidding or contracting, this does not prohibit them from being added to Corizon Health’s Vendor Diversity Tracking Tool. However, vendors may be requested to complete the appropriate certification process in a particular jurisdiction in order to participate with Corizon Health as a Diverse Business in a particular RFP or client contract.