Vendor Diversity Program

Monthly Report Verification and Distribution

Corizon Health receives monthly reporting from each Site Account Manager. These reports will specify the utilization and dollars spent for each Diverse Business vendor as a part of each client contract.

This monthly utilization information will help Corizon Health monitor compliance of client contracts, including Diverse Business participation requirements. The reports are initiated in our Finance department and are then distributed to Provider Operations for review and then finally disseminated to the client.

In addition to client reporting, a client diversity report is produced by Provider Operations and submitted monthly to Corizon Health’s Executive Management Team and Chief Compliance Officer for routine compliance review. This report contains specifics by client on which vendors are participating in the Vendor Diversity Program, identifies the monthly spend on Diverse Businesses and what percentage that makes up of the overall spend by contract. This report also tracks any specifics around annual procurement spend limits and recertification requirements.

The Provider Operations department is available and ready to provide assistance with any questions you may have. For more information, please email us at <a href=“”></a>.