Vendor Diversity Program

Monitoring and Compliance

Corizon Health is committed to building and maintaining a strong Vendor Diversity Program that meets the needs of our clients. The foundation of our program depends upon teamwork between Corizon Health employees and its vendors to help ensure program success for all Corizon Health stakeholders.

Certain of Corizon Health’s clients monitor our vendor diversity participation levels and have contractual requirements to this end that are measured on an ongoing manner.

Corizon Health works closely with its vendors, ensuring that each Diverse Business contractual relationship specifies certification and specific agency registration requirements, with notification to Corizon Health of loss of any certification status. Corizon Health regularly verifies vendor certification status and will address any failure to maintain certification, including possible termination of its relationship with the vendor.

Corizon Health has implemented a tracking process to determine when our Diverse Business vendors are approaching their certification expiration dates. This process will ensure that Corizon Health notifies vendors of the impending expiration and determines the vendor’s intent to renew its certification. If a vendor does not wish to recertify, then Corizon Health will promptly begin to identify replacement Diverse Business vendors. This process of ongoing monitoring and identifying new potential vendors will ensure Corizon Health’s compliance with program standards, client expectations and contract requirements.