Missouri reentry, reception center staff praised by offender, DOC leadership

Missouri reentry, reception center staff praised by offender, DOC leadershipThe Secure Social Rehabilitation Unit, or SSRU, is a program at Jefferson City Correctional Center in Missouri designed for offenders who are unable to appropriately function in general population settings due to mental illness and who require additional security. In December, the SSRU held a Christmas sing-a-long, and on that very same day, an offender graduated from the SSRU program as he was preparing for his release. Though shy, the offender wanted to say a few words when he was recognized for his graduation. He specifically called attention to Corizon Health reentry staff, who were in attendance, and thanked them for all of their help, adding that there was no way he would have been ready without them. Matt Sturm, Division Director for the Missouri Department of Corrections’ (MODOC) Division of Offender Rehabilitative Services, added his thanks by saying, “Obviously, your [Corizon Health] folks had worked hard for him and with him to secure his transition to the community. Thank you.”

George Lombardi, MODOC Director, added to the kudos by saying, “That effort [SSRU] is simply outstanding and has been over time.” In an email to Corizon Health leadership, Elizabeth Atterberry, Regional Behavioral Health Director in Missouri, also says, “I was also present at the graduation and was moved to hear the offender express his appreciation for the staff.” Ms. Atterberry also gives a shout-out to the team at Fulton Reception and Diagnostic Center (FRDC) who work with offenders who are first entering the MODOC. It was the staff at FRDC who provided badly needed medical and dental care to the recently graduated offender, as well as the referral to the SSRU. “The director is spot-on when he says that the SSRU team has been consistently outstanding. Thank you everyone for the strong teamwork and collaboration that has contributed greatly to this man’s life.”

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