Choosing Corizon Health


Corizon Health’s commitment to technological innovation is evident throughout our operations, resulting in timely and accurate service at every level. When combined with our extensive experience and broad perspective on correctional healthcare, these technological solutions deliver real value and cost savings to our clients.

Our solutions emphasize:

  • Control and Accountability - The size and scale of our operations allow us to gather and analyze data from across the country to manage costs, control pharmacy operations and reduce the use of outside providers.
  • Efficiency and Cost Savings - Electronic medical records streamline workflow and provide staff with up-to-date, accurate data. Integrated referral management systems manage clinical activity. In addition, our labor management applications enable quality staffing, efficient personnel management and payroll processing.
  • Risk Management - Clinical intelligence systems identify and help manage high-risk patients for clinical care intervention.
  • Clinical Quality - Our Telehealth program enhances on-site delivery of psychiatry and specialty care.
  • Streamlined Claims - Advanced claims processing, case management software and electronic eligibility files ensure timely, accurate adjudication of claims from outside providers.
  • Increased Accuracy - Using the latest technology, Corizon Health consistently exceeds industry norms for precision in areas such as claims and pharmacy.
  • Secure, Accurate Access -Corizon Health works with our client partners to achieve success in the implementation and advancement of Electronic Medical Records. Our customized systems put the right information in the right hands instantly.
  • Strategic Partnerships - By aligning Corizon Health with key strategic partners we provide you with access to industry-leaders. Through Corizon Health, you always get the best solution.
  • Electronic Health Record (EHR) - Corizon Health has worked with many of the major EHR vendors for implementations and can leverage that experience to advise and assist our clients in selecting the best EHR solution for their facility(ies).