About Corizon Health

Serving Jails

With decades of experience providing healthcare in jails, Corizon Health understands the inherently unique needs and challenges you face. We can handle smaller populations with great care, and ready patients for reentry after their typically shorter stays.

Every partner receives great service and attention. We treat every client as if it was our only client.

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Mark Fucci, SVP and Chief Growth Officer, BusinessDevelopment@corizonhealth.com

Everything always depends on the healthcare, and Corizon, of course, has done an excellent job. They’ve been our partner since 1996. There’s no question they have a strong track record. We work together as a team.

Joe DiVincenzo, Essex County Executive (NJ)

We formed a partnership with Corizon, which is a wonderful partnership, and they tend to the health issues of our juveniles. And it makes my job easier having them there.

Charles Green, Director, Essex County Juvenile Detention Center (NJ)

Corizon came in with a service that we felt would assist us and provide the right level of support that we needed medically, and mental health-wise. And to date we have not been disappointed, they have done an outstanding job. At this facility we ventured out in to new ground for a jail, and Corizon has helped us do a really, really good job at that and make sure that it’s happened to our expectations and maybe even exceeded our expectations.

Chris Barela, Director, Dona Ana Detention Center

Good healthcare is not difficult, but it takes a team effort. And with Corizon and the Division of Community Corrections, we have created that team atmosphere to provide good healthcare at a reasonable, affordable cost to the taxpayers.

Rodney Ballard, former Director of Community Corrections, Lexington-Fayette County Detention Center (KY)

After contracting with Corizon, we saw an immediate and significant decrease in our healthcare costs.

Larry W. Caskey, Director, Department of Corrections, Okaloosa County, FL

During my 30+ year career in the correctional industry, the working relationships with representatives from all levels within Corizon are surpassed by none.

Major F. Patrick Tighe, Director, Department of Detention, St. Lucie, FL County Sheriff’s Office