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Becky Pinney

Becky Pinney

SVP Nursing

As Senior Vice President of Nursing, Ms. Pinney serves as a leader, role model, and mentor for the company’s nursing leadership, and provides vision and direction for nursing throughout the organization. She has defined a comprehensive company-wide approach to nursing practice issues, standards, and staffing and has established and promoted Core Processes and best practices related to evidence-based medicine that consistently result in high quality patient care.

Prior to her role as Senior Vice President of Nursing, Ms. Pinney led the company’s Delta Force, a team created to implement facility performance that supported both quality clinical care and fiscal objectives.

Ms. Pinney’s career in corrections began in 1991 when she became the Director of Nursing for Powhatan Correctional Center in Virginia. In 1995, Ms. Pinney joined the Corizon Health team as Regional Director of Nursing for the Georgia Region and through the years, she has demonstrated her leadership ability in a variety of clinical and non-clinical roles within the company. Ms. Pinney also served as Senior Vice President of Metropolitan Corrections, where she had operational leadership responsibility for Corizon Health’s large, urban contracts.