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Corporate Office celebrates five years of being “green”

Corporate Office celebrates five years of being “green”

The Corporate Headquarters in Brentwood (TN) is celebrating its 5th Green Anniversary! In 2010, the Waves Office Recycling Program began regular pick-up of paper, plastic and aluminum. On a weekly schedule, a Recycling Coordinator arrives with his staff to empty the categorized bins in the break rooms throughout the building.

Founded in 1973, Waves serves more than 250 adults and children with intellectual and developmental disabilities in Williamson County (TN). The Recycling Program started in 1994 and provides employment by providing pick-up to 50 businesses in the Nashville area.

California Doc Visits Third World Countries for Missionary Work

Dr. Debbie Weinstein, MD at Santa Maria Juvenile Hall (CA), has made over 30 trips to Third World countries since completing her residency in 1999.

An Emergency Medicine physician, Dr. Weinstein has travelled to Mexico, Honduras, Nicaragua, Haiti and Africa arranging volunteers, transport, transporting medical supplies and setting up make-shift clinics. “The opportunity to serve those most in need is tremendously rewarding. Although physically and emotionally challenging, you receive far more than you give,” Dr. Weinstein said of her travels.

The main organizations Dr. Weinstein works with are Aeromedicos, MEDICO, Vision International Missions and UMCOR. She listed one of her favorite quotes as: “You can’t have a perfect day without doing something for someone who’ll never be able to repay you.” - John Wooden.